Service Introduction

Is an online marketplace and a resource to buy and sell laboratory equipment and related high-tech products. Professionals visit to buy and sell instruments, accessories, parts, supplies.

I. To find and lock the target customers
For many years, Newpowers Technology is operating the laboratory used equipment distribution related industries in Taiwan occupies a substantial customer base, with more than more than 500 the number of members, which includes academic units, enterprise customers or inspection units … in this competition advantages, we are able to entrust the sale of instruments send a message to the relevant personnel, instruments help you quickly find the needs of customers, or through commissioned to look for an opportunity to help you find the equipment for you.

II. Professional online auction platform
Compared to the general Internet auction platform mess, the auction site in addition to a collection of related industries across the country to focus Browse avoid vulnerable to the possibility of fraud on other platforms, so that the equipment you sell more than one partial protection.

III. Hand to help network published
In order to avoid trading between the published advertising disputes occurred, we offer professional Internet marketing staff for you to build your products page, and also save your time in the complicated details of the production, so that your products can be more clearly a more complete rendering.

IV. Fourth, the member newsletter from time to time send
In addition to on this website, and also a production as belonging to the advertising of your products, and to convey the members of the Newpowers Technology through e-mail, make your products more attractive.

V. Accurate matching and communication
Through long-term interaction between Newpowers Technology and customers, the earliest record of 7 days that help customers successfully matching equipment trading professionals will help you quickly Alerts to potential customers to your needs quickly convert funds or to meet business needs.

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